Author: Darrel Fraser

4-Step Mail-In Process

EASY 4-STEP MAIL-IN PROCESSPlease follow the easy 4-steps below to Mail-In your broken glasses to Laserfix. Please contact us with any questions you have about this, or any of our other services. We offer a Mail-In Service to our clients as it is the easiest way to have a repair done. STEP 1Click HERE to…

Our Repair Process

Our 12-Step Repair Process is a tried and proven method to repair your broken glasses using the Laserfix welding technology. We have outlined the steps below so you can see for yourself why people prefer to have Laserfix repair your glasses. Step 1 Eyeglasses are received by walk-in, drop box or mail-in. Step 2 We…

Will the repair be unsightly?

Laser welding will not damage the surrounding area and is usually unnoticeable. Occasionally, we will repaint the repaired area to ensure the best possible results. A laser weld can be a small as 2/10 mm. or as large as 2 mm. (A fingernail is 5/10 mm. thick!).