Our Repair Process

Our 12-Step Repair Process is a tried and proven method to repair your broken glasses using the Laserfix welding technology. We have outlined the steps below so you can see for yourself why people prefer to have Laserfix repair your glasses.

Step 1

Eyeglasses are received by walk-in, drop box or mail-in.

Step 2

We research your frame for the proper repair procedure.

Step 3

Eyeglasses are disassembled to prevent damage.

Step 4

The broken area is sandblasted for maximum laser absorption.

Step 5

Our special heat treating technique ensures consistent results.

Step 6

The parameters are set and the welding process begins.

Step 7

Additional metal of the same type is added to the joint.

Step 8

Frames are adjusted to our “four point standard”.

Step 9

The repair area is cleaned and polished to become invisible.

Step 10

New parts are replaced as required and quality checked.

Step 11

Our sound wave technology ensures hygienic deep cleaning.

Step 12

Your repaired glasses are delivered with our 6 month warranty.